Since the Oblate Sisters of Providence were founded in 1829 in Baltimore, Maryland they have been committed to the education of children and service to the poor.  For over 175 years,  we have served in 18 states, 25 American cities, and 6 foreign countries.  

Our ministries include: Prayer, Child Care, Tutorial Services, Social Services, Education, Eldercare, Hispanic Ministry, Evangelization, Pastoral Ministry, Support Ministries. We continue our service of doing God's work in the spirit of our foundress Mother Mary Lange.  

Below are our various ministry locations and a brief description of our services.  Click the available link for that particular ministry to read more in-depth information concerning that ministry.

Baltimore, Maryland 
Mother Mary Lange Guild
  -  Education and Evangelization  -
The Mother Mary Lange Guild is the effort to tell the world about the life, the works, and the legacy of Mother Mary Lange, OSP focusing on how God used Mother Lange to change the concepts of His people to the Church, to the United States and the world. For more information call Sr. Magdela Marie at 410-242-6861 or email
The Mount Providence Reading and Math Center is dedicated to helping students of all ages improve their reading and comprehension skills, and math skills..  Contact Center Director Sr. Constance, OSP for more information at 410-247-0448.
Mount Providence Child Development Center
-  Education and Child Care Ministry  -
Mount Providence Child Development Center provides structured preschool and kindergarten classes for children two and a half years through Kindergarten.  Contact Sr. Brenda Cherry, OSP at  410-247-0449.
St. Frances Academy
-  Education Ministry  -
Mother Mary Lange Center
-  Social Services Ministry  -
Mother Mary Lange Center opened in 1997 to provide a home and safe haven for teenage girls that are in need of shelter and care.  It is owned and operated by the Oblate Sisters of Providence. Sister Claudina Sanz, OSP is the founder and director of the Center. 
St. Francis Xavier 
Religious Education Program 
-  Pastoral Ministry and Evangelization  -
The St. Francis Xavier Religious Education Program provides religious education from Prekindergarten through Grade 9. Classes are held every Sunday from 9:30 A.M. - 10:55 A.M. at historic St. Francis Xavier Church in Baltimore.  

Sr. Magdala Marie Gilbert, OSP serves this ministry every week.

St. Gregory the Great Parish
 - Pastoral Ministry and Religious Education  -
Miami Beach, Florida
St. Patrick   
-  Religious Education  -
Sr. Clementina Givens, OSP is director of religious education. Srs. Anunciata Fernandez, Ana Jovita Hildalgo, and Dora Fernandez, OSP also minister is St. Patrick Parish in Miami Beach, Florida.
Buffalo, New York
The Oblate Sisters of Providence are engaged in the classroom, religious education and administration along with the most capable lay persons who are concerned for the academic, spiritual, physical and social development of each student. 
Sr. Anthony Garnier, OSP is the office assistant, Sr. Timothy Howard, OSP is a teacher, and Sr. Noreen Smith, OSP is the school secretary.
      Siquirres, Costa Rica
Oblate Sisters of Providence have ministered in Costa Rica since 1964. Today Oblate Sisters  Aracelly Salazar, OSP, Evelyn Valencia, OSP, and Ligia doing pastoral and religious education work. Click here for more images of our work in Costa Rica
"With its tradition of discipline and high academic standards, 
St. Frances Academy has turned out its share of star students, but it also serves as a last chance at high school for young people who have stumbled in the wrong direction." 
                                             Tom Chalkley, Baltimore City Paper, 2002
Established in 1828, St. Frances Academy (SFA) is an indepenent Catholic High School with African-American roots.  St. Frances serves as an agent of positive change within its inne-city community.  St. Frances Academy is the oldest continuously operating black Catholic school in the United States.  
Sr. Stephen Beauford, OSP is the Director of Religious Education.
 Oblate Sisters of Providence have ministered in Costa Rica since 1964. Today, Oblate Sisters Luz del Alba, OSP, Ana Jovita Hidalgo, OSP, are very active doing pastoral and religious education work.
Click here for more images of our work in Costa Rica
      Alajuela, Costa Rica
Among those who minister at St. Gregory the Great Church are Sr. Anthonia Ugwu, OSP, Pastoral Assistant, Sr. Mary Charlotte Marshall, OSP,  Director of Evangelization, and Srs. Sharon Young, OSP and Dolorosa Bundy, OSP who teach Religious Education on Sundays and Summer Camp.
-  Religious Education -
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