Reading and Math Center
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Mount Providence Reading and Math Center offers reading and math instruction for students who need remediation or enrichment.  Students are taught by highly qualified Oblate Sisters of Providence who bring valuable experience in teaching children as well as adults. Each prescription is designed to fit the skill level and individual needs of the student.

Our program is structured as follows:

              After all the observations are made, a discussion and review of the student's strenghts and weaknesses is done. An individualized program is developed and discussed with the student's parents.

              Enlarges Vocabulary: Meaning and Usage
              Enhances Critical Reading: Comprehension and Fluency - oral and silent, word analysis and phonics.
              Creates Math Effeciency: The Whole Sprectum  - basic facts, whole numbers. fractions, decimals, percentages, ratio, proportions, times tables. Whole numbers through algebra  with problem solving.

              Develops assurance and security in mastering reading and math skills.
              Opens a brand new world
              Develops a better positive self image
              Thinks critically, comprehends readily and becomes ready for any educational challenge!!!!!
Sessions are self paced and individualized

Diagnostic Individualized Reading and Math Tests:  $60.00

Each Class Session:  $40.00       Discounted Rate: $30.00

Fees are negotiable - providing an opportunity to serve all people