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Oblate Spirituality, founded in and relying upon a loving Providence, is revealed in a deep, personal relationship with God and a manifest love, trust and respect for all.

Oblate Spirituality rests, therefore, upon three great Gospel truths which we embrace with our whole being: 

  • that God has provided, does provide, and will provide,
  • that Jesus, our Brother and Redeemer has suffered, died and risen to enable us to live not only for self, but for others,
  • that the Holy Spirit will guide and strengthen us in all situations. 

Oblate Spirituality

   Oblate Spirituality is expressed in these special ways:

  • participation in the Eucharistic Liturgy
  • continuing and deep reflection on the Word of God
  • communal and personal prayer
  • an active discernment which seeks the will of God in obedience to the Spirit
  • love and compassion for one another
  • reaching out to heal the needy, especially victims of racism, injustice, prejudice and greed