Oblate Sisters of Providence

A Proud Past and Promising Future
We invite you to find a life of happiness in sharing the love of God, by giving of yourself, your time, your energy and your talents to others. The Lord 's call does not come in blazing neon lights or sounds of trumpets heralding.  If you have a love of life, a love of people and a love of God, you could  have a vocation doing His work.

To explore the opportunity to become a part of America's oldest black religious community, we invite you to call or visit us and make us your friends.  Let us help you decide if the life of an Oblate is...or is not ... the right choice for you.  We can help you make life's most important decision.

The Formation Process
  • Inquiry Do you feel called to work in God's vineyard?  Perhaps, this is the time to come and discover the charism, spirit and spirituality of Mother Lange, the foundress of the Oblate Sisters of Providence.

  • Pre-Novitiate A time to experience community life.                  1 year     

  • Novitiate

Canonical year                                                                    1 year
A time for intense prayer and to study the theology of religious life, the vows, scripture, charism and the       history of the community.

Second Year ( Apostolic)                                                  1 year
      A time for continued study and participation in the ministries of the church and community.

  • Temporary Profession                                                      3 - 6 years
      This is a time to integrate the theory and experience of living the vowed commitment in community.

  • Perpetual Profession
      The Sister professes Religious vows as a life commitment.

Our VocationTeam
Formations Director
Sr. Stephen Beauford, OSP
Sr. Claudina Sanz, OSP
Vocations Director    Sr. Marcia Hall, OSP
The Oblate Sisters of Providence have Novitiate Houses in Baltimore, Maryland and Alajuela, Costa Rica.

      Contact our Vocation Director: Sr. Marcia Hall, OSP 410-242-8500

Email: Sr.marciaosp@gmail.com

Find God's Purpose for Your Life...Is He Calling You?

Sr. Brenda Cherry, OSP
Oblate Sisters of Providence Discernment Weekend at Mount Providence
Sr. Bernarda Montenegro, OSP